Bandai Metal Build Gundam F91

Bandai Metal Build Gundam F91

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Gundam F91 "Mobile Suit Gundam F91", Bandai Metal Build

The very first "Universal Century" series suit to appear in the METAL BUILD line! Featuring new gimmicks invented by creator Kunio Okawara, and fine details such as etched-metal parts for the chest vents and a working "face open" feature, this is the ultimate version of Gundam F91! Set includes a 170mm diecast and plastic Gundam F91, optional non-transforming head with swappable face part (open), 4 types of optional hands, beam rifle, beam launcher, beam shield, two beam sabers, and a custom stand.

*This item is being allocated due to low production quantity. Limit 1 per customer*

Product size: Approx 6.7"
Package size: Approx 9.4"x15"x2.5"


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